Septic System Do's Don'ts

All American Septic / Residential Septic / Do’s & Don’ts

Septic Do’s

  • To prevent problems and unexpected emergencies, it is important to have your septic tank pumped and inspected by a licensed professional at least every 3 years.
  • Repair any leaking toilets or faucets.
  • Try to conserve water consumption when possible.
  • Do laundry over several days instead of several loads on one day, this may overload the system.
  • Bacteria can help the life of your system as well, for more information contact us today!
  • By keeping a detailed record of the maintenance and care such as septic pumping and maintenance records, homeowners in the future will be well informed about where their septic system stands.

Septic Don’ts

  • Don’t build driveways, storage buildings or other structures over the septic tank or drainfield.
  • Don’t drive over your septic tanks or drainfields. This can crush you system.
  • Don’t come in contact with the liquid from the septic system. It contains pathogens that can make you sick.
  • Don’t allow electrical service to be interrupted to a septic system that has mechanical components or alarms as disinfection may be compromised.
  • Don’t send water softener back-flush into your septic tank.
  • Limit or don’t use your garbage disposal. Disposals can increase your solids loading by up to 50%.
  • Never enter a septic tank. The gasses in the tank can kill. Call us instead!
  • Don’t forget to pump your septic tank every 2 to 5 years