Lift Station Service & Repair

We offer a wide range of septic services in Houston, TX, including installing, repairing and replacing lift stations.

Lift Station Services in Houston

Because we have a relatively level topography here in Houston, TX, there are situations in which lift stations are necessary for pumping wastewater through the system because gravity just can’t do it. At All American Septic, we install and repair residential lift stations in Houston and surrounding areas.

When your septic system utilizes a lift station, one of the most important components is the lift station pump. This piece of equipment is what allows your waste water to be transported from a low-lying area to a designated place where it is then treated and released safely and effectively.

We want you to get longevity out of your system, so we take the time to make the installation is done to the highest quality, our goal is customer satisfaction! That service includes educating you on the recommended maintenance and how you can best extend the life of your lift station and other septic equipment. Call us today with any questions on installing a new lift station or repairs needed on your existing system.