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What Is Hydro-jet Cleaning?

If you are experiencing clogged drains and need to have your sewer or drain cleaned out quickly and easily, then one of the best, yet simple,methods is to use hydro-jet cleaning.

The hydro-jet is a hose connected to a powerful nozzle which pushes out large amounts of water at very high pressure. The hydro-jet nozzle and hose are put into the drain, and pushed down as far as necessary, often all the way to the main sewer line, and then the water, under strong pressure, is forced through the pipe, clearing it of grease build-up and debris

Why Use Hydro-jet Cleaning vs Snaking?

Unlike snaking which may simply remove or punch through the cause of a blockage, hydro-jetting uses the force of the water to also clean off all of the walls of the pipes, meaning that the drain is much cleaner and less likely to be blocked in the future.

Using the hydro-jet also allows you to clean out your drain pipes without risking damage, provided that your pipes are undamaged and in good condition to start with.

Advantages of hydro jetting drain pipes

  • Superior Cleaning Action: Hydro jetting scours the inner walls of pipes removing everything including things like grease, waste, mineral deposits and other residue that builds up over time to either slow down or completely block water flow. The powerful water pressure can even cut through stubborn tree roots.
  • No Maintenance: Hydro jetting requires little to no ongoing maintenance after the initial blockage is removed. The hydro jets clear away years of blockage within minutes. It’s unlikely the same clog problem will occur anytime shortly thereafter unless the original causes of drain clogs are repeated again, like pouring fats, oil and grease down the drain.
  • No Chemicals: Hydro jetting is an eco-friendly drain cleaning method that requires no chemicals. Only water is used.
  • No Digging: In some instances, hydro jetting drain pipes can eliminate the need for digging up a clogged pipe to replace. Excavating a drain pipe underground may be avoided..
  • No Snaking: The process of snaking a drain line has its limitations. Depending on the width of the snake’s tip, the clog may not be completely removed if the tip does not penetrate every angle. Hydro jetting has no tips. The water envelopes pipe’s entire diameter and flushes away all the clog debris.